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Capital Smart City Islamabad

Capital Smart City Islamabad (CSC) is Pakistan’s first ever smart city and fourth in Asia respectively. Also, it is ranked as 23rd smart city globally. This project is backed by Future Development Holdings (Pvt.) Limited, Habib Rafiq (Pvt.) Limited and several others.

Capital Smart City Islamabad is mainly built upon an exclusive urban-management model which confirms both, the efficiency & the control. Meanwhile, developers strives to ensure active participation from all of its residents. Furthermore, making good use of advanced Information & Communication Technology that particularly leads to optimized efficiency and services is the main aim of developers.

Capital smart city

Trivelles Smart Homes

Trivelles Smart Homes is a breakthrough housing option. Present in First Smart City of Pakistan, Capital Smart City islamabad , it is the most contemporary accommodation. Trivelles Smart Homes, as the name suggests, are Smart Homes. It provides all the essential of modern residence. Moreover, it is a dream of your own home comes true with this global standard houses.

These State of the art Smart Homes comes in shape of Villas. With understated comfort and outstanding quality, it is only source for living advance lifestyle. Capital Smart City Islamabad is determined to bring on the innovative and state of the art residential venture incorporated with ahead of time technology. Thus, Trivelles Smart Homes is a living example in this regard.


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Smart Villas Islamabad

Smart Villas are basically Smart Homes. Certainly Smart Villas Islamabad allow home automation in versatile daily life aspects. In other words, home devices and appliances in your complete control through your mobile device. From home security to room temperature and from gas sensors to motion sensors, all become operable by one swipe of your finger tip.

Smart Villas at Capital Smart City is benchmark of modern and state of the art development. Modern, integrated and state-of-the-art ideal destination, Smart Villas are destination that your heart always desired.

Smart villas

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Smart Facilities

Capital Smart City surely envisaged to facilitate residents to their maximum extent. It strives to deliver advance yet luxury lifestyle to its residents. Through maximum use of bleeding edge technology, it offers versatile  smart amenities. Overall, Capital Smart City Islamabad  look forward to ensure strategic growth and sustainable future. Thus, to maximize the efficiency in every possible regard, it offers vast amenities and services at a whole different level.


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