Capital Smart City Introduction

Capital Smart City Islamabad is Pakistan’s first smart city. Meanwhile, it is ranked as  23rd Smart City of the world. This iconic project allures investors from all over the globe. Capital Smart City is most appealing real estate development in past years.

Capital Smart City believed as one of the best options for investors in both, national & international markets. Furthermore, the legal framework, means of production & efficient business opportunities certainly makes it center of attraction for all kind of investors.

Furthermore, below you will get the Capital Smart City’s complete information about the Project, Payment Plan, No Objection Certificate (NOC) Details, Launching Date & Latest Development Updates.

Owner & Developers Of CSC

Capital Smart City Islamabad joint venture between Future Developments Holdings (Pvt.) Limited & Habib Rafiq (Pvt) Limited. HRL, a well-known name in the real estate industry of Pakistan, they are developers of Bahria Town, DHA in Islamabad & numerous other projects.

Additionally, they have also successfully executed their own housing societies in Sargodha, Multan & Sahiwal by the name of Royal Orchard Sargodha, Royal Orchard Multan & Royal Orchard Sahiwal.

Not only this, but FDHL is working on another smart city called Lahore Smart City. Lahore Smart City is the most successful venture of Pakistan until now. The prices have increased a number of times and it is very hard to find an inventory in Lahore Smart City.

About Future Developments Holdings (Pvt.) Ltd

Future Developments Holdings (Private) Limited is also known as FDHL. Its a partner consortium registered under Companies Ordinance 1984.Moreover, several national & international firms have joined hands for emergence of the new worlds leading organization. Also, Its Real Estate Developer & Asset Management Company operating in Pakistan.

In addition, FDHL believes in creating integrated communities. Other than that, These communities therefore, have lead to international standards of sustainability with powerful economic & professional commitment.

Furthermore, these communities can be built by strategic investments, innovative urban planning & also life cycle asset management. In addition, FDHL has launched another smart city in Lahore as well. Moreover, the same technology has been driven infrastructure as introduced in Islamabad.

About Habib Rafiqe (Pvt.) Ltd

For the last 11 years, HRL known as a trend setter in the arena of housing & infrastructure. Moreover, HRL has acquired a top position in the ever expanding real estate development of Pakistan. Meanwhile, HRL presented valuable engineering involvement first time ever when it comes to the development of housing and infrastructure.

Today, HRL stands tall and apart from others because of its hard-earned reputation and trust. Moreover, it has high value of Human Resources and electro-mechanical assets that give distinct edge to HRL over its competitors in the market.

Habib Rafiq Pvt. Ltd. has a rich 61 years heritage in industrial and infrastructure landscape. Furthermore, Its the biggest Infrastructure developer in Pakistan. Also, one of the leading construction companies of Pakistan. HRL are acknowledged as developers of various finest development projects in Pakistan.

Designer & Development Partner

Designs Consultants are key players and responsible for the front face of any project. Capital Smart City is the most advance housing scheme. furthermore, It is benchmark for urban development in region. And The developers have hired the high-end designer consultants for remarkable progress. Also, CSC hired versatile team of design consultants that guarantees comprehensive range of solutions in different sectors.

All these international firms are master in their own-firm. They are harnessed by delivering efficient and successful projects in vast array from past several years.  Being expert in urban designing and management, they have also offered world-class projects and ventures. Below you can find insight details of eminent design consultants involved in delivering classy projects in CSC.

Surbana Jurong (Pvt.) Ltd

Surbana Jurong (SJ) is Master Planner for the Capital Smart City. Its one of Asia’s leading urban, industrial and infrastructure consultancy firm. SJ is Singaporean government-owned consultancy company. Moreover, it was established in June 2015. After the merger of Surbana International Consultants and Jurong International Holdings, it came into being.

Furthermore, SJ, by added value with technology and creativity, is offering one-stop consultancy solutions in the arena of urban, industrial and infrastructure. Its the largest Asia-based firms with over 50 years of glorious history in delivering successful project. Moreover, SJ has Human resource of approx. 14,500 employees working in more than 130 offices across the globe.

For project Master Plan, it incorporates a holistic range of facilities to offer lucrative business opportunities. In addition, living and recreational choices in the emerging Islamabad region with growing economic opportunities is also keenly concentrated.

Movenpick Hotels & Resorts

Mövenpick Hotels & Resort is an international firm. It is an advance and luxury hospitality company. Truly, its known for luxury chained hotels. It came in to being in 1940. With Swiss legacy and hospitality heritage, it has consistent services.

At MonenPick you can have a feel of home while being miles of away from your warm-zone. Each unit is laced with latest and advanced amenities that facilitates you to every extent. It is currently operating in whole world including Asia, Europe, Africa and Middle East. It is actually offering oriental way of living. For Mövenpick Hotels & Resorts sustainability is about meeting current need

In this Project, it is going to presents 250 hotel rooms and 150 serviced apartments with 4 dining halls. Moreover, this luxury hotel will feature meeting or community hall facilities, a fitness center and two swimming pools as well.

Harradine Golf

Harradine Golf is one of the eminent and leading brand in designing, planning and managing Gold Courses worldwide. It is established in 1929. Harradine Golf because of its ultimate expertise regarded as king in Golf. It has delivered more than 200 exemplary projects mainly in Europe, Asia, Middle East and Africa. Because of 91 rich experience, it has won several global awards and honors to host annual PGA tournaments.

These Golf courses are made and planned on differ sort of terrains. Harradine Golf is of the view that Golfs must be pleasant experience rather than hazard frustrations. Further, it also strives to preserve regional and local essence in its project.

In CSCI, Harradine Golf is planning 18-hole PGA Signature Golf Course.

Freij Entertainment International

Working since 1987. Its expert in organizing mega carnivals, outdoor events, travelling rides, circus and several other recreational activities. Particularly, Dubai Shopping Festival is well-known event organized by the firm.
It has history of working in almost every big country of the world including Bangkok, Malaysia, Singapore, India, Hong Kong,Dubai, Oman, Salalah, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain. Also, it hosted splendid shows in Europe and America as well. Furthermore, it offers more than 50 rides and 60 skill games plus challenge games in a show as well.
Freij Entertainment international is a world largest firm in arranging Carnival events and also arranging recreational activities. CSC Islamabad in collaboration with Freij Entertainment is bringing an international standard amusement park. Freij Entertainment international will also work in other major cities of Pakistan including Lahore, Karachi and Multan.

National Defence University

It is a prestigious Educational Institute in Pakistan. National Defence University commonly known as NDU. Initially, in 1970, National Defence College established in order to fulfil the need for exclusive Army War Course. Later on, this course retitled to “Armed Forces War Course”.
On the instruction of then Prime Minister Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, it is affiliated to Federal University of Islamabad (now Quaid-i-Azam University) in order to award MSc in War Studies degree for the course attendees. In short, NDU designated as university in 2009. War course and Defense course merged to form National Security and War Course.
National Defence University chancellor is President of Pakistan. Meanwhile, the management supervised by three Star General from the Pakistan Army. The institute divided in to 2 distinct faculties including National Security College and Armed Forces War College.
Capital Smart City has designated 10,000 Kanals of land to Universities. NDU has already started construction on site of Capital Smart City.

Trivelles Smart Homes

Trivelles Smart Villas is a leading property development firm in the United Kingdom (UK). It has earned eminent prestige worldwide as well. Moreover, Trivelles Smart Villas is an expert in providing Student Accommodation, Buy-to-Let Apartments, Hotels, and Serviced Apartments. The Trivelles Smart Villas has over 25 years of experience in the property sector. It has a net worth of over £100 million.

The native marketplace information, trustworthy workforce, and proficiency in respective fields empower Trivelles Smart Villas to provide clients’ satisfaction.

Trivelles Smart Villas is offering Smart Homes in Smart City for the first time in the history of Pakistan. These homes are based on the innovative concept of homes where people will seek to live and benefit from modern technology and the comfort it provides.

Smart Features Of Capital Smart City

Capital Smart City also known as Smart City due to its excellent provision of Smart Features. Smart Features of project shared below

  • More Smarter Security
  • Smart Building
  • Even Smart Transportation
  • Smart Resource Management
  • Effectively Smart Connectivity
  • Smart Facilities

Furthermore, rumors about Smart City Islamabad and DHA Merger surrounds the town from a long time. However, no such official announcement made yet.

Master Plan Of CSC

The Master Plan of Capital Smart City Islamabad is built on a Township Model. Capital Smart City provides reasonable options for residence. It provides a wide range of housing choice that depends upon the density.  It includes:

  • Medium Density (10 Marlas to 2 Kanal)
  • High Density (5 Marla)
  • Farm Houses (4 to 8 Kanals)
  • Shared Villas


The whole map is divided into facilities that are classified in to well-distinguished districts and sub-districts. Likewise, each district is supported with convenient public facilities. Names of districts included in Capital Smart City Master Plan is mentioned below

  • Overseas Prime Block
  • General Block
  • Overseas Central Block
  • Harmony Park
  • Overseas East Block
  • Panda Village
  • Aviation Village
  • Education District
  • Healthcare District
  • Lake-view Terrace
  • Hills Vista
  • Education City
  • Financial Square
  • Holiday Parks

Residential Units

In Capital Smart City Islamabad, residential plots are available in different blocks. Details of these Blocks explained below

Overseas East Block

This block is the most hyped block of Capital Smart City. It is also spared for the people living abroad with Pakistani National. Overseas East Block is located right next to Overseas Prime Block. After the event of Capital Smart City possession in November 2021 the management of Capital Smart City announced that Overseas 1 will now name as Overseas east block.

Executive Block

Executive Block is especially launched for those who surely pay their installments on time. In addition, developers also gives opportunity to convert your General Block into Executive Block. It is valid for certain period of time and rate is also quite higher for Executive Block. Other than that, 50% possession in Executive Block will be granted by mid of 2020.

Location of Executive Block

The Executive Block is located on one of the best location in Capital Smart City Islamabad. This Block is situated between River and Golf Course. The ideal location of this block actually put it

Harmony Park

Harmony Park is the latest yet most sought after block of Capital Smart City. It introduced economical plots that are pocket friendly for every single individual. It is becoming more famous in fixed-income people. The plots are offered in 3.5 Plot category.

Location of Harmony Park

Harmony Park is situated adjacent to Executive Block. It means that it will be directly linked to Main Boulevard. It is considered as one of the prime location of project.

Overseas Prime Block

This block entirely earmarked for expats or overseas Pakistanis. Because of outclass facilities and location it is the most demanded unit of Capital Smart City. In addition, its most safe and significant investment opportunity of investment for overseas Pakistanis.
Moreover, as compared to other Blocks, its especially designed to meet the living standards of overseas Pakistanis.
Furthermore, its easily accessible from dedicated interchange, directly from Motorway. Its adjacent to Main Boulevard. Also, priority possession will be granted to these block allottes.

General Block

General Block is one of the oldest block in Capital Smart City. Also, it is one of the largest block in Capital Smart City. Furthermore, General Block is situated next to Overseas Block.

Commercial Units

Other than Residential Plot, developers also offer wide variety in commercial plots as well. Moreover, Capital Smart City envisaged to become a vibrant community along with self-sustainable approach towards its existence. Furthermore, Capital Smart City offer premium s commercial plots in a wide range of sizes. Also, it is opening new horizons for commercial activities in the area. Accompanied with latest facilities, it offers ergonomics environment. The flexibility need to flourish is only provided here. Being the first smart city, Capital Smart City is redefining the perspective of commercial area.

Commercial Plot Categories

Commercial Plots in Capital Smart City offered in the following categories

  • 4 Marla
  • 6 Marla
  • 8 Marla

Before, developers offered only 2 categories i.e. 4 Marla and 8 Marla. Later on, 6 Marla category added. On June 24, 2020, Capital Smart City Management has launched another inventory in Commercial Type. As per recent updates, the new commercial plots are now available in the following category

  • 67 Sq Yd
  • 100 Sq Yd

Location of Commercial Plots

Location of Commercial Plots in Capital Smart City varies as per Block. However, keep in mind that presently offered commercial plots are neither on Main Boulevard nor on any other districts.

Commercial Plots are located within 4 Blocks namely

  • General Block
  • Executive Block
  • Overseas Block-I
  • Overseas Block-II
  • Harmony Park

The recently added commercial plots of 67 Sq Yd and 100 Sq Yd are located in the new block,  Harmony Park.

The one present on Main Boulevard will be high-rise buildings. It will be offered in 3rd stage.

In addition, the commercial arena is reachable within the 400 meters distance from residential space. As said earlier, Capital Smart City Master Plan is based upon Urban Township Model. Thus, the feasible reachability to commercial space is considered essential.

The one present on Main Boulevard will be high-rise buildings. It will be offered in 3rd stage.

In addition, the commercial arena is reachable within the 400 meters distance from residential space. As said earlier, Capital Smart City Master Plan is based upon Urban Township Model. Thus, the feasible reachability to commercial space is considered essential.

Facilities & Amenities Of CSC

The residents of Capital Smart City is going to experience a modern way of living. One of the main reason is the provision of ultimate facilities and amenities in Capital Smart City Islamabad. Moreover, by utilizing the bleeding-edge technology, it ensures the provision of all smart facility in this first ever smart city of Pakistan.

Furthermore, following are the main features of Capital Smart City that makes it matchless.

• Gate Entries • Electric Bikes • Cinemas
• Hospitals • Mosques • Financial Square
• Holiday Park • Educational institutes • Warehouses
• 18-hole golf course • 5-Star Hotels and Restaurants • Bus & Public Transport (BRT) Stations
• Shopping Mall and Complex • Crystal Lake & Floating village • Theme Parks and Bird Park
• Load Shedding free environment • CCTV with Facial and Object Recognition Cameras • Water and Sewerage Treatment Plant

Capital Smart City Location

Capital Smart City is situated in the periphery of Islamabad & Rawalpindi. You can reach Capital Smart City Location within a drive of 5 minutes from New Islamabad International Airport. Also, It is situated at Lahore-Islamabad Motorway M2 with only 9.2 km away from M-2 Toll Plaza.

Above all, a dedicated Motorway Interchange for this grand project already approved near Thallian Interchange. As of September 9, 2020, it is named as “Smart Interchange”.

Furthermore, the seamless BRT connection to the airport approved as well. Also, it is present on the eastern route of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) as well.

A complete guide of  Capital Smart City mentioned below.

NOC And Planning Permission

Capital Smart City Islamabad legal NOC already approved from Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA). Several rumors revolving the town regarding the Capital Smart City NOC status. However, it is announced entirely legal on the official website of RDA in September, 2019.

You can find it listed on 45th number on RDA Approved Housing Societies List. Thus, Capital Smart City is Officially Legal and Authorized.

Total Land Of Capital Smart City

Capital Smart City Islamabad previously sprawled over an area of 150,000 Kanal. However, in the launching ceremony, the total area of Capital Smart City announced more than 80,000 Kanal. In addition, the latest Master Plan of Capital Smart City Islamabad is provisional and it will extend with the passage of time.

Smart Villas

Smart Villas are basically Smart Homes. The concept of Smart Homes is introduced for the first time in Pakistan. Smart Homes allows home automation. In other words, home devices and appliances are in your control through your mobile device. From home security till room temperature and from gas sensors till motion sensors, everything will be in your control.

Moreover, in order to maximize the efficiency and efficacy, contemporary technology is being used at full head of steam to introduce the Smart Homes. This futuristic project is determined to bring on the innovative and state of the art residential venture incorporated with ahead of time technology.

The Villas

The Villas is the latest product of Capital Smart City. Moreover, CSC envision to set a touch of smart life along with world-class facilities. Furthermore, this ideally planned venture is going to build an integrated community. In this regard, Capital Smart City has introduced The Villas – Boutique Apartments. It offered shared villas in 3.5 Marla and 5 Marla size.
The Villas feature a low-cost boutique apartment at the most affordable price plan. However, the provision, as well as the quality of smart facilities in these villas, remain constant.
The villas are almost developed and company has announced the possession for the villas in last quarter of 2022.

One Capital Residencies

One Capital Residences is a latest project of Capital Smart City. Also, It is a step towards modern way of living. Amidst natural topography, it offers you dream lifestyle in such heavenly views. Surrounded by Crystal Lake, it is a fine blend of residential, commercial and tourism all at once. In parallel to Capital Smart City vision, it is using modern technology to optimized efficiency & services. Uplift you lifestyle with One Capital Residences in Capital Smart City.

It is welcoming you to a unique and distinctive living. Moreover, a desirable life is waiting for you with a new and spectacular approach. The developers tried to incorporate the contour of Khairi Murat Reserved Forest in heart of project. Thus creating infrastructure friendly with nature.

Balloting of Capital Smart City

Capital Smart City has declared the abroad focal (Ex Overseas 2) balloting that will be held in February 2022. The belonging will begin from the last quarter of 2022. This balloting incorporates both private and business plots.Launch of Capital Smart City
However, The first e-Balloting of Capital Smart City (The Only Smart City in Pakistan) for Overseas-I and Executive Block-I effectively directed on Saturday, December 21, 2019 at Capital Smart City – Overseas District-1 at Project Site. Occasion included site visit followed by e-Balloting Processing and Lunch. Observe full occasion on Facebook and YouTube channels of RA real estate.
Capital Smart City officially launched on October 6, 2019 in Islamabad. The event took place at Serena Hotel, Islamabad. Moreover, Real Estate moguls along with local and overseas investors attended this event.

Why Capital Smart City Is Smart City?

Capital Smart City Islamabad is mainly built upon an exclusive Urban-management. In addition, Determined to ensure optimum efficiency and control, it also ensures the active participation. In addition, its striving to get advanced Information and Communication Technology infrastructure that will lead to optimized efficiency & services.

Furthermore, the main aim of this mega housing scheme is to uplift the living standards while boosting economic growth in the region. Its a Grade-8 development along with self-sustaining Eco-Friendly approach.

Ideal Elements      

Moreover, Capital Smart City central idea revolves around the following 3 elements

  • Smart Housing
  • Smarter Economy
  • Smart Environment

Details of each of these elements is shared below

Smart Housing

Capital Smart City Islamabad strives to provide quality and up standard living experience. Furthermore, with state of the art infrastructure, it delivers a wide range of services for every person.
Moreover, it also introduces the concept of Smart Home in Pakistan, in the name of Smart Villas.

Smart Economy

Further, once being operational, this project will prove to be one of the main hubs of economic activities in the region. Presently, its believed to be first commercial center in the area.
Moreover, modern commercial centers expected to create 90,000 job opportunities.

Smart Environment

The site is enriched in terms of Natural Scenic Beauty and Topography. 30% of the total area reserved for natural assets. Moreover, developers also maximized their efforts in order to avoid the risk of damaging natural scenery.
Along with that, it is offering Hydroponic farms that are solely dependent upon water resources

Price Plan

CSC Islamabad payment plan varies according to plot categories.

Currently, 3 year quarterly installment plan offered in Capital Smart City Price Plan. 10% Rebate on lump sump amount while 5% Rebate on 50% payment. Rs. 20,000 will be needed to pay at the time of booking as Membership fee.

Residential Plots

Commercial Plots

Farm Houses

Booking Procedure Of CSC

You can avail this opportunity even before the Capital Smart City Islamabad. Book your residential, commercial plot or farm house in CSC Islamabad now. Get to know about the booking procedure below:

  1. Download and fill out this Application Form.Please provide all the essential information.
  2. Attach 3 passport size photographs of applicant
  3. Attach CNIC/NICOP copy of applicant and next of kin (nominee)
  4. At the time of booking, submit 10% of down payment as a Pay Order, Cheque or Cash in favor of “Future Developments Holdings (Pvt) Ltd.”
  5. Submit your form, documents and pay order to us to confirm your booking.
  6. Your file will be ready within 30 days and dispatched to your address.

Developments Updates Of CSC

Capital Smart City Islamabad development is undergoing at a very fast pace. The development work at site progressing at remarkable pace over the past couple of month.

For now, the initial stage of work already completed. Moreover, leveling of ground already done. More than 400 heavy machinery working day and night to complete the work before the dead line. Furthermore, following is the glimpse of major developmental work accomplished till now

  1. Web of Roads:In order to make travelling on the site convenient, road construction is prioritize. Presently, more than 300 feet long Main Boulevard is in its final stage.
  2. 4 Operational Tube-wells:4 functional tube-wells are indicating the reservoir of Water at the site. In addition, it also caters the water needs in the area as well.
  3. Harradine Golf: This 18-hole golf course is going to become 1stever signature Golf Course in Pakistan. Capital Golf Club is featuring Golf Academy, driving course and practice putting green. Moreover, since in Pakistan golf is not much talked about. Hence this will be golden opportunity for Golf Lovers in Pakistan. Furthermore, the construction of work is likely to complete at start of 2020.
  4. MovenPick- Hotel & Resorts: An agreement signed between Mövenpickand Future Development Holdings for establishment of Mövenpick Hotel and Residence in Capital Smart City Islamabad. It will offer 250 Hotel rooms and more than 150 serviced apartments. Further, it features 4 dining halls, meeting venues, advanced fitness centers. 2 swimming pools already planned as well.
  5. Friej Entertainment: the big international firm signed an MOU to bring International Standard Park here.
  6. Trivelles International:An international firm has signed a contract to build Smart Houses.
  7. Rope Bridge Inaugration: The Rope Bridge over River Sil between the executive and the overseas block is already functional.

Recent Updates

In addition, up to the recent updates, the following are some of the salients developments made so far

  • Operating Batching plot that provides 1 cubic meter material developed.
  • Pre-Cast Factory for onsite production of tuff tile, tuff stones and tuff pavers completed.
  • Establish Water filtration plant on Chakri Road proving 2000 gallons water/hr.
  • Developed Offices Complex including marketing office, consultation office and engineering office.
  • Mosque, school and overhead tanks already started in overseas block.

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